Students in the computer class will develop many technology skills that they are proud of. Even the most cartoonist of the projects requires a significant amount of skills. Students will have to understand layers, tools, selections, mask, modes, files systems and more in order to create an artifact.

Below you will find some work created by the students, please frequently visit the page and help me motivate students to continue with the difficult but entertaining journey of learning technology.

Each student name is hyperlinked to the student’s OneNote e-portfolio. Navigate to the Technology Projects division to see the student’s work.

Period 1

Ryan Leo A Blake R Daniel Fernando Robert S Jorge D Joshua L Dylan R Manuel A Gurnoor K Diego A Ivan Christophe W William D Alexander Joshua J Giordano F Dayana Tyler J Keagan D Nuria P Christophe R Malena Ian M Andrew O Gio Diego Alan E Yusef Daniella

Period 2

Matthew A. Luigi Quocnam A. Raymond A. Reynaldo B. Pedro M. Adaleen Andrew Luis E. Joshua G. Ivanna M. Alexandra M. Andy Christian Samantha Simon Abigail Nicholas A. Alexander D. Thomas A. Antongabri D.

Period 3

Anthony Felix A Giovanni Geovanny A Nayib Abigail Leslie M Britney Aimee Alexander L Zaira Ana A Emily V Damian Joshua Paola Clint David A Samantha T Bryan M Yahil A Natalie M Christophe Y Gianna M Emmanuel A Mia

Period 4

Planning Time
Planning Time

Period 5

Jeffrey Bruno P Daisy Nicolas Santiago Casey Javier A Emily Juan A Matthew C Viviana Anthony M Mishelle S Alexander A Jorge E Nicholas Leon Y Adrian A Brandon A Luis G Melvin E Anthony Juliannis Jake E Estella Dylan M Briana Dominic J Breana L

Period 6

Derek Steven M Liz L Samuel A Christophe L Bryan Sheila Matthew J Briana Emily